Newark expands product line-up to support industrial innovation

From ethernet switches to snap-in terminal blocks, Newark has a variety of new offerings to support customers across the globe

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Newark continues to prioritize their customers’ needs for speed, efficiency, and reliability in product development with the introduction of new, cutting-edge ethernet switches, terminal blocks, panel meters, and more. These additions make it possible for customers to advance industrial machinery, tools, and technologies with ease.

The latest additions to Newark’s offerings include:

Red Lion NT5000 Series, Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Industrial Ethernet Switches are clear, comprehensive, and fast network management tools for organizations.

  • Includes a user interface with a logical view showing active ports, power supply, temperature, contact relay status of the switch and color-coded gauges for port traffic to allow administrators to quickly identify and address possible network disruptions in real time.
  • Available in 6, 8, 10, 16 and 18 port configurations to fit specific systems.
  • Made with all copper or a mix of copper and fiber options that can meet specific installation requirements.

Weidmuller Klippon® Connect - SNAP IN Terminal Blocks are innovative, fast, and easy to use conductors that simply need to be inserted into the connection point.

  • Made with SNAP IN technology that snaps the connection point shut with an audible click.
  • Permanently and reliably contacted.
  • Features a green pusher to press in order to easily release the connection.

Trumeter APM Series Panel Meters are the most visible and easy to use programmable panel meters with a multitude of options that can be set using the APM software.

  • Designed with a unique display combining traditional moving coil meters with the latest digital panel meters.
  • Includes a backlight that can be programmed to change color to alert the operator when the current or voltage supply is too high or too low, reducing the risk of equipment failing and improving efficiency.

“Newark is committed to providing our customers with the best possible industrial products and services,” said Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Technical Marketing at Newark. “We are proud to offer the most advanced and unique offerings on the market to ensure our customers have exactly what they need for their industrial designs.”

In the spirit of offering the most advanced and cutting-edge products, Newark is also enhancing product traceability by providing date and lot code tracking for over 70,000 best-selling board level components, including the latest industrial products.

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