Newark launches new eBook around cables for Factory Automation

Newly launched eBook informs engineers on proper cables for efficient communication systems in the industrial landscape

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Newark, the Development Distributor, today announced the launch of a new eBook to guide engineers through the proper implementation of industrial-grade cables essential to a factory automation setting. Newark’s latest eBook offers engineers cable solutions to avoid damages from commercial cable and ensure proper transfer of power, data, and control signals within a machine as well as from one machine to another.

Elements of this educational eBook include information on components of cables, a cable selection checklist, descriptions of cables for factory automation available from Newark, and the necessary cable accessories to ensure optimal performance.

Newark complements this information with a variety of industry-ready cables available to designers and engineers including:

  • Coaxial Cables for ControlNet factory floor applications
  • Fiber Optics cables impervious to EMI and RFI with the ability to extend greater distances than copper cables
  • BUS and Network Cables offering higher speed, increased connection distance and the ability to connect more nodes
  • Robotics Applications Flex Cable specially designed to tolerate constant or repetitive motion during operation
  • Variable Frequency Drive Cable to control power frequency and voltage delivered to a 3-phase AC electric motor

“Efficient communication systems are essential in the industrial landscape, but the use of a commercial cable in this setting often results in data loss and downtime that hinders factory performance,” said Cliff Ortmeyer, Head of marketing for Newark. “The details outlined in this eBook aim to guide engineers and designers in making the best choices to achieve top performance in an industrial setting with no second guessing.”

To access the full eBook, visit this link. The product assemble page can be accessed here


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