element14 Community and NI launch educational course in LabVIEW and test automation

New program seeks to introduce community members to the world of automated testing

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element14, an Avnet Community, along with NI recently launched an educational program, “A Beginner’s Course in LabVIEW and Test Automation.” This comprehensive course aims to equip element14 Community members with valuable skills in LabVIEW programming and automated testing, enabling them to build cutting-edge projects and compete for exciting prizes.

As a leading electronics community, element14 is dedicated to empowering its members with the latest knowledge and tools. The journey of an engineer extends beyond the realm of innovation and design, with the process of validating, verifying, debugging, and testing new products equally crucial. Therefore, this program seeks to introduce community members to the world of automated testing, an essential skill for engineers involved in new product development.

LabVIEW is a widely used graphical programming environment that facilitates the development of automated research, validation, and production test systems. By enrolling in the program participants will gain a deep understanding of LabVIEW and have the opportunity to create their own LabVIEW automated test projects.

"We are thrilled to team up with NI and introduce this valuable educational initiative to our community members," said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for element14. "LabVIEW and test automation are indispensable skills for modern engineers, and we believe this course will significantly benefit our members in their professional pursuits."

Open to all element14 Community members, the program provides a user-friendly learning experience. To qualify for the prizes, participants need to engage in the course material, which includes reading lessons, completing quizzes, and successfully executing the final test automation project using the LabVIEW Community Edition.

Applications for the program are now open and will be accepted until September 8. On September 15, the chosen participants will be announced, marking the commencement of the challenge. Quizzes must be completed by October 5, and project blogs are due by October 21. Winners of the program will be unveiled in November 2023.

The grand prize winner will receive the LabVIEW Base Edition Software and the Multicomp Pro MP720011 US Digital Oscilloscope. Additionally, the runner-up will be awarded the LabVIEW Base Edition Software and the Multicomp Pro MP730424 EU-UK Digital Multimeter Bench. All challengers will receive a finisher prize, the Multicomp Pro’s MP700393 4PCE ESD Electronics Cutter Kit.

To learn more about the program, A Beginner’s Course in LabVIEW and Test Automation, and sign up before September 8, please visit the element14 Community.


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