Courtney Kennedy, Technology Solutions Marketing Manager

Courtney Kennedy, Technical Marketing Manager (2)

Courtney joined Farnell in 2017 as the Technology Solutions Marketing Manager.

Courtney manages marketing programmes for significant new product launches including development kits, single board computers and software, as well as carrying out company-wide technical training. She enjoys sharing her technical knowledge and inspiring passion in others, while helping to introduce them to the world of electronics and technical environments.

Courtney holds an electronics and computer engineering degree and has significant experience in working in product design & development. Previous roles include Head of Electronic Design and Product Development Manager for a company which developed multi-articulating myoelectic prosthetic hands. Courtney has worked with firmware and software development as well as cutting edge technology in motor design and control - linking robotics and mechatronics with human anatomy.

Location: Leeds, England

Languages: English

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