Newark employees make a global impact by packing nearly 60000 meals for Feed My Starving Children

Newark FMSC

Newark employees recently gathered together to participate in a program with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting global hunger. During this event, Newark employees joined other FMSC volunteers who invested two hours each of their time to pack meals that will have a major impact on hunger around the world. The incredible effort put forth by Newark employees and FMSC volunteers resulted in the packing of nearly 60,000 meals.

The FMSC program is designed to create a fun and game-like atmosphere, where volunteers can come together to make a tangible difference. With lively music, friendly competition between different teams, and a live tally at the end of the event, participants can see firsthand how their two hours of dedicated service will feed hundreds of children for an entire year.

During their two-hour shift, Newark employees and other volunteers managed to pack an astonishing 277 boxes. Each box contained approximately 216 meals, resulting in a grand total of 59,832 meals that will now be distributed to those in need. Paul Starr, Director of Sales & Customer Engagement at Newark said: “As a direct result of the efforts of Newark employees and the other volunteers, 163 children will now have access to a daily meal for an entire year. The impact of just one single shift is truly remarkable and demonstrates the far-reaching effects that can be achieved when individuals come together for a common cause.”

The FMSC organization has found an innovative way to make giving back simple and easy. Their MobilePack events allow communities and organizations to host meal-packing sessions, providing a practical way for people to engage in the fight against hunger. By clicking the link provided (, interested individuals can learn more about how to get involved and potentially host their own event.

Additionally, for those who are curious about the impact of their time and effort, FMSC offers an interactive map ( that illustrates the profound effects of their work. This map serves as a visual representation of the lives touched and the communities impacted by the meals packed during FMSC events.

“The employees of Newark express their deep gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this meaningful food-packing event with Feed My Starving Children. The evening was nothing short of amazing and served as a reminder that through collective action and the spirit of giving, we can create a brighter future for those in need” added Daniel Boggs, Territory Account Representative at Newark.

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