element14 Community and announce collaborative RISC-V webinars

Webinar series will provide participants with an exclusive look into the world of RISC-V and its applications

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element14, an Avnet Community, recently announced a collaboration with Jason Kridner, founder and president of the board at, to present a series of informative webinars centered around the world of RISC-V architecture.

This free webinar series will offer attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights into the possibilities of working with RISC-V architecture and how to use the RISC-V and products in your own projects. and RISC-V Architecture (November 16, 2023 – 10 am CST)

Jason Kridner, founder and president of the board at explores using RISC-V architecture in a new product. Learn about the foundation’s adventures in bringing a new RISC-V board to market.

Topics to be covered include:

o   Introduction to the BeagleBoard product line

o   Introduce the RISC-V extended product line.

o   Working with RISC-V in a Product.

o   How do you start designing an SBC with a RISC-V Architecture

o   Jason’s stories of working with RISC-V in a product.

o   Future developments and possibilities

o   An interactive Q&A session

Creating your own RISC-V Project with (November 30, 2023 – 10 am CST)

Join Jason Kridner, founder and president of the board at after the launch of their new RISC-V board, the BeagleV®-Fire. Learn how you can use RISC-V and products in your own projects.

Topics include:

o   Introduction to the product line

o   Why build a project using RISC-V Architecture 

o   What are the starting blocks for a RISC-V based Project

o   Jason’s Stories about working with RISC-V Architecture

o   Further reading and valuable resources

o   Q&A session

“These webinars serve as a unique opportunity for electronics enthusiasts, engineers, and innovators to engage directly with Jason Kridner, a pioneer in the field of embedded systems and RISC-V architecture,” said Phil Hutchinson, Senior Programs Manager at element14 Community. “Attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of working with RISC-V, and they’ll have the chance to ask questions and seek advice from an industry expert.”

For more information about these webinars and to register, please visit and


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